SCOPE: Design a product guide for well known graphics broker that includes: 3D modeled product, selecting stock imagery to use with corporate submitted imagery, and to uphold branding standards in the process.


SCOPE: Design a data booklet for a specific software to be included in a series of 7 other software booklets. The layout is to include a creative technical illustration to show automation and its many uses, tables with data, along with photos showing manufacturing plants and processes. 

SCOPE: Create a full page add to be presented in financial and business publications prior to the launch of of two new software packages. Also, design two B2B direct mail pieces to be sent out upon the the introduction of the new product. The layouts are to contain stock imagery, vivid colors from the brand pallet and a creative tagline that speaks for both products. 

SCOPE: Design a logo based off ideas submitted by a committee. Design organization collateral in the form of brochures and apparel. Design web banner and event signage.

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