SCOPE: Design a print presentation that is based off of a concept 3D model, along with technical illustrations and electrical drawings to present to travel agency to use at various airports around the U.S. and abroad. The client/manufacturer of the holographic projector's objective is to provide multiple units for airports to showcase travel packages to other countries. The package also includes market studies, safety compliances and cost break down.

SCOPE: Design a Powerpoint presentation for a exhibit manufacturer for use in a proposal to a solar panel carriage and base manufacturer, that will exhibit three times in 2015. The presentation is to include multiple views of a 3D model depicting multiple set up options, lay outs of large format graphics showing finished projects that utilize the clients product, and floor plans from the three different show venues.

SCOPE: Update and improve the design of a PowerPoint presentation for a banking software and hardware manufacturer for use in B2B presentations. The slide layouts include new icon designs, brand elements, instructional and technical illustration.

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